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Kindle Unlimited Erotica: A Taboo Love Story

by:  Sierra Simone
A passionate tale of love and taboo
Erotica for Men and Women

“I need to know that everything will be okay.
Didn’t we all? Wasn’t that the unspoken cry of our broken souls?”

The minute I read these lines I was hooked!
Poppy is lost.  She’s a young, smart woman still searching for herself and her place in life.  She’s a tidal wave of emotions, trying her best to feel ok about the choices she’s made and come to terms with her insatiable appetite for sex.  It’s all of these uncertainties and sinful desires that bring her to Father Bell, feverishly awakening a hunger burning deep inside him.
And boy is Father Bell one filthy priest!  Told mostly from his point of view, Tyler is a guy who turned to God later in life after a horrible tragedy changed him forever.  Prior to his conversion, he’d already had plenty of non-vanilla experience with woman, which I found to be very interesting as opposed to a man who’s never really enjoyed the carnal sins of the flesh.  He wants to be good.  He wants to make a difference in his parish.  And he whole-heartedly believes in God, even though he has every reason not to.  But all of his sacred oaths are challenged the day Poppy steps into his booth for confession.
This story doesn’t just flirt with the forbidden, instead it dances directly with the Devil Himself.  In fact you have to wonder…every time Father Bell feels as if he’s basking in the glory of God, is it really just the age old trickster himself, whispering lies to sooth a guilty soul?
No holy ground, relic or ancient oil is spared from their indiscretions, and I loved every second of it!  Poppy and Tyler’s chemistry is instant and beautifully written.  The characters are rich and full of angst, love and compassion.  They are both flawed and can be brought to tears.  They are real and sexy and hell!
Life isn’t always about conquering a boardroom, mastering the markets, dodging bullets and private jets.  Sometimes it’s about finding moral peace inside yourself.  It’s about finding the strength to make the right decisions no matter how hard or impossible they may seem.
Is this book a little blasphemous and sacrilegious?  Maybe.  But I found it to be a page turning piece of heaven.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Domestic Discipline Fantasy Romance

Claimed by Her Master
by Abigail Armani
A Domestic Discipline Fantasy Romance

This new fantasy romance embodies every single reason I love to read!

Paragraphs that flow like poetry...✔
Vivid, beautiful settings...✔
Rich, memorable characters...✔
A strong, sexy man...✔...✔...✔

Vanessa lives with her eccentric Uncle Felix, haunted by dreams of a dark mysterious stranger and hidden desires keeping her warm beneath the sheets.  Shortly after turning 21, her fantasies start making sense when her Uncle agrees to show her his secret lab in the basement, home to an ancient portal to a parallel world.

"Felix lit a fire in the study. The kindling caught and burned in a blaze of brightness. He added a few small logs which burned bright, casting leaping red-gold flames and dancing shadows in the twilight room."

The truth about Vanessa's past is revealed and her long-lost memories are restored by the fire.  All of this time, Uncle Felix has actually been harboring a princess like the daughter he never had, keeping her safe from a world that's perilous for women.  A place she's about to go back to:

"Then, taking a deep breath, she stepped into the portal.
She was immersed inside a circle of vibrant blue light." 

On the other side of the portal, Vanessa's father and Magnus, the King's commander of the guards have been waiting for Vanessa's return to the kingdom for many years.

"King Florian looked at Magnus. The man was not high-born yet he had grace and bearing
and was a leader among men. People looked up to him. Men followed him without question. He could have any number of eligible princes for a son-in-law, but none could hold a candle to his loyal commander of the guard. Besides, his daughter loved him, of that he was certain."

The action starts fast, right from the very beginning.  Once Vanessa steps back into the world she was born in, the land of Amara is slowly revealed.  And pretty soon all of her dreams come true when she's reunited with her hunky protector Magnus.  In between hot interludes and much deserved moments of discipline, together they trek through a paradise similar to medieval times, lacking in the modern ways of Earth.  The vivid imagery of waterfalls, mountains and architecture is absolutely breathtaking, with detailed descriptions throughout:

"The inside walls were decorated with opulent tiles patterned with verdant leaves, twisting vines and flower blooms of every colour under the sun. Lush rugs woven in shades of purple and red lined the floors, and small bejewelled fountains spurted crystal water from recesses in the walls."

When headstrong Vanessa disobeys Magnus yet again, things get a little dark and dangerous.  But this beautiful fantasy romance wraps up with a happy, whimsical ending full of unforgettable creatures and deeply developed characters.

I read to imagine the impossible, and to open my mind to new things.  Also to delve into worlds I never knew existed.  This sexy sci-fi satisfied my curiosity regarding quantum physics and the possibility of wormholes and other dimensions in a believable and easy to follow manner.  It's a tasteful, timeless romance I recommend to anyone who loves a story that takes you on a great adventure with a twist of domestic discipline and a touch of naughty spanking!

***ARC received in exchange for an honest review***

Tags:  Fantasy Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Kindle Unlimited Romance, Kindle Unlimited Erotica

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Modern Gothic Fantasy Romance

After the High
A Modern Gothic Romance/Fantasy Romance
by Sarah Brenner

Updated Description

18+ Romance: Ever wish you could journey to the depths of your soul and get a glimpse of the hidden world that’s shared with your one twin flame? This new fantasy romance introduces Derek, a small town handyman who gave up his dance with the Devil to follow in the footsteps of God. But in order to free himself from old temptations, he had to cast out his other half, freezing her away beneath the oceany depths of his soul.

His new life was going great until he agreed to help his second wife’s sister convert their old family barn into an animal shelter. Working hard to raise money for the project didn’t only stir up old memories as a thrill seeking salesman – it has him questioning every choice he’s made since sobering up.

Now, with winter coming, his spell is breaking. And everything he’s always wanted has him spinning out of control in a guilty web of lies, longing for the woman he left behind.

After the High is a character driven romance about addiction and loss. About walking on the edge without falling off, and never giving up on finding eternal happiness. This is my very first fantasy romance, inspired by both Gothic and religious themes. The concepts of Heaven, Hell and the existence of an astral plane have always fascinated me, and I wanted to explore the idea of two otherwise normal human beings with ties to the otherworld.

Tags: Fantasy Romance, Second Chances, Gothic Romance, Strong Female Lead, Friends First Romance, Soulmate Romance, Gothic Poetry

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kindle Unlimited Erotica: Female-led Disicipline

Disciplined by His Landlady
by Lucy Appleby

An erotic romance available on Kindle Unlimited

This story is about the journey of Joe, a good looking guy who doesn't have a job or any real direction in life. His path is changed forever when he calls about an opportunity as a short term house cleaner. Hired on the spot, he leaves his pile of bills behind to travel through an expensive neighborhood, pulling through the wrought iron gates to meet the girls responsible for the ad in the window. But it turns out they aren't the owners of this beautiful red-brick house; just the two college students who trashed it after days of partying!
Left alone to clean, the real woman in charge, aka "Miss Frosty Knickers" Stephanie surprises Joe by coming home early from her business trip.
The chemistry between the two is instant, and after a day of tidying up they talk over a couple of drinks. Joe spends the night, and it doesn't take long for things to really start really heating up:

"Slipper," he repeated stupidly, staring at it and wondering why she'd taken it off.
He was about to find out!

Rules are set after that naughty first night and their relationship grows, each taking turns in discipline driven pleasure and kisses intertwined with kinks. Until Stephanie decides that Joe should move in after a drunken night out with his buddies:

"...while you are under my roof, you abide by my rules. As well as a rent book, I will maintain a punishment book. All your infractions will be noted and duly paid for - on your backside. Any questions?"

Once he moves in the fun really begins and Joe falls happily into his new role:

"Yes ma'am," Joe said. He adored her dominance. He adored everything about her in fact, and when she spoke in that tone of voice, it sent little shivers of delight up his spine.

This story features food play, all sorts of spanking and a very well developed female-led relationship, told from both Joe and Stephanie's point-of-view. After a slightly bumpy ride, Joe finds his perfect companion and the direction in life he's been looking for.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story full of kinky discipline and a happy ending!

*Copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review*

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016

Sloth: A sad, erotic and unique love story

kindle unlimitedSloth: A Sinful Secrets Romance
by Ella James
A Kindle Unlimited Romance

"Sloth is a 500-page, 150,000-word stand alone novel with many twists, one huge secret, and a non-cliffhanger ending. It will wreck you, but you'll like it."

A warning from the Author Ella James, and she isn't kidding. This is the first steamy romance in a series inspired by a sin; in this case: Sloth.  In Christianity, Sloth refers to laziness, or spiritual and emotional apathy. This isn't a religious book, although there are plenty of sinful themes.  Sloth is the name given to Cleo Whatley in middle school, when she was overweight and took forever getting ready.  It's a word that holds a great deal of meaning and importance to both of the main characters in this story, and one I'll never think about in the same way again.

Cleo: "There’s something bad about me. Years ago, before I learned to hide it, Grans would call it pride— but it’s more than that. It’s recklessness. It’s sin. This stupid bar, these stupid ropes, they’re nothing. There’s a part of me that needs to play this game with him. I didn’t even know my dark spirit could rise to sex, but..."

I don't want to give away any secrets, because that's the best part about this story.  From the very beginning, I had no idea what was going on.  I knew something was up, and I had some guesses.  I was sort of right in some places; wrong in others.  I was saddened and completely addicted.  Instead of giving away too many spoilers, here's a little overview of what's to come if you decide to read this beautifully written masterpiece that I'll never forget.

The Notes
This story starts with a chain of letters...a tiny written snapshot into two strangers lives.  Everything is very cryptic.  Little details are given as months and years move on.  Some of them are sad.  Others are very intriguing:

Please lord?  I'll answer to that.  Happy New Year.

Who is this mysterious R.?  Before we could find out more, the story switches to present day where names change, and it's hard to figure out who's who and what's what.  Initially, before things really started heating up, this is what kept me turning the pages.

The Plot
Cleo Whatley is enrolled in a very expensive college, and deals mj to buy designer clothes, boots and bags.  On a drug deal, she's caught by Kellan Walsh, the schools SGA President and enforcer of the college's zero tolerance drug policy.  When they meet, both of their lives change forever...and that's all I'm going to say about the actual events.
As far as the chapters and scenes - this whole book is mysterious.  Illusive.  Intentionally deceitful.  Sometimes it's manic and over-the-top.  It's also well thought out and detailed in a way that I can only imagine how much time went into lining everything up so brilliantly, especially the key dates that weave this story together.

The Mood
Here's my hybrid take with a few of the story's themes cross-bred in:  Imagine lounging in a tub full of tepid water on a low, gloomy day. Top shelf vodka warms your veins as you're bound by blue tainted ropes. A water bong packed with buds gurgles in the distance, mixing with the sound of rain against the blurry window. Smoke swirls into your nose, silently stalking it's way up into your mind, dulling your senses. Confusing up from down. Distorting right from wrong.  So you can't tell the difference between breathing and drowning. The muscle relaxing bliss that follows is thick with unbelievable pleasure, blocking out all the pain from the past. Burning across your heated skin and toaking at the silky ropes that keep getting tighter. Pulling you away from the truth.

The Characters
All of the characters came to life, not one vivid detail left behind which I absolutely loved.

Cleo:  I wasn't sure if I really liked her at first.  Selling pot just to fit in?  But she's so much more than that.  After a really sad past, I find her to be very optimistic and well adjusted after the life she had growing up.  And I can't blame her for wanting nice things after not having them for so many years.  I think it shows she's young.  She's human.  She's also very loving and compassionate, with an admirable career goal after she graduates.  Last but not least, she's incredibly forgetful - sure you're not sneakin a bit of the chronic there Cleo?

"Mr. Perfect":  Kellan is hot.  And we get to hear just how good looking his is often, which is one hundred percent fine by me.  His features were so well written, I could always picture his body from top to bottom.  Sometimes I think I could even smell him.  He's dominant but not really a jerk.  Never too condescending.  Smart and a deep, inward thinker.  He makes all of his choices based on emotion and need.  He has a temper.  He's moody:

"Kellan calls the shots with us, and that’s a shame, because he’s stormy. Changeable. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting close, and then he flits away. Like now."

I think what happens in Part Two, Chapter Four really says the most about who Kellan Walsh is.  He's a man whose moral compass is set.  He's chosen his path and he's not turning back.  This scene was dark, and in my opinion a really big deal.  I wish it was explored a little deeper - did your decisions haunt you like they haunted me Kellan?

Master/Sub relationships in college?  Rooms with hidden contraptions in the ceiling?  I wasn't sure about that at first, but after the first hookup, you couldn't pry this book away from me with herb laced tongs.  It wasn't BDSM the first time - it was just pure cheek flushing awesomeness.  Kellan orders Cleo to the floor, and she has this special talent that I find extremely refreshing and highly erotic.  After a few minutes of kneeling before him she thinks:

"He’s beautiful. Perfection, really, even more so as he comes undone."

And man does he come undone.  They both do.  The intimate scenes in this book were some of the best ones I've ever read.  They happen often, and each one is hot, slow moving, sensuously described and very kinky.  Kellan is quite the dirty talker!  

The End
My head swelled as I tried to focus on the last chapters, my sinuses stinging so bad I could barely keep reading as I blinked the water away from my eyes.  That's never happened to me before.  Movies, yes.  Books no.  I can't wait to read this sad love story again knowing what I know now, and taking in all the details I'm sure I missed the first time around.  This has become one of my favorite books of all time!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kindle Unlimited Erotica - Romantic Kinky Spanking for Him

Erotic SpankingThe Disciplined Husband
by Lucy Appleby

An erotic femdom romance available on Kindle Unlimited

Seriously, this book should come with one of those inflatable donut seat cushions and soothing lotion, because after reading this book your backside is gonna be sore by association!!

The Disciplined Husband is a sexy, endearing tale of Peter and Sylvia, told completely from Peter’s point of view. Both are two professionals in a well-established relationship, living near London in a gorgeous Manor by the sea. The plot is very simple; Peter wants to propose, however Sylvia beats him to it and together they plan their wedding. But it’s really a character driven story about their unique relationship together, the experiences they share with their friends, and the interesting people they meet along the way.
OK - it’s mostly about the spanking. Holy crap - poor Peter! He doesn’t always mean to mess up. Any yet he always seems to. That’s where Sylvia steps in, bringing on punishments like this:

"Bastard spoon!" I growl, shaking my stinging cheeks.
"Lovely spoon," she croons. "It leaves little stinging pink love bites all over your naughty bottom."

At times the pummeling to his “sit spots” can get really brutal…so bad I had to skip a few. But he absolutely loves every minute of it, even when he acts like he doesn’t. And what I like about Sylvia, is that she’s always willing to make sure all of his needs are met too, even if she essentially gives up control. She can be horribly cruel:

"Sounds great. Hey - that means we'll be spending our wedding night here along with fifteen house guests!"
"It does. So I promise to gag you when I spank you so they won't hear you yelling." Sylvia smiles at me, and there is a wicked gleam in her eyes.

And other times she submits herself to him. Peter admittedly loves his life with Sylvia whether he’s physically able to sit down for dinner or not, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would Sylvia, who clearly cares for him a great deal.

Reading from chapter to chapter, I honestly didn’t have any idea where the story was headed, but I didn’t have any intentions of stopping. The dialog is casual and friendly, and Peter’s actions and inner thoughts had me laughing several times. And in other chapters, the writing was absolutely beautiful and vividly serious:

"By the time I reached the cliff path I was panting with exertion, but shivering too as a chill wind raced over the sea to claw at my clothes and lash at my face. The sun had disappeared beneath a big bank of ugly grey clouds, the sea beneath them an ominous green grey mass of seething waves, rising and falling with relentless ferocity.”

Peter loves to be spanked and disciplined, and in the end we learn more about his past, and how he and Sylvia first met. The intimate scenes aren’t always 100% descriptive, and sometimes some of the good stuff is skipped over or brought up with little build-up or easing in. Other times it’s really hot! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it gave me a wonderful insight into a domestic discipline based relationship. It also had my husband screaming through the hallways with his hands on his backside as I chased him around the house with a spatula. Just kidding :)