Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kindle Unlimited Erotica: A Taboo Love Story

by:  Sierra Simone
A passionate tale of love and taboo
Erotica for Men and Women

“I need to know that everything will be okay.
Didn’t we all? Wasn’t that the unspoken cry of our broken souls?”

The minute I read these lines I was hooked!
Poppy is lost.  She’s a young, smart woman still searching for herself and her place in life.  She’s a tidal wave of emotions, trying her best to feel ok about the choices she’s made and come to terms with her insatiable appetite for sex.  It’s all of these uncertainties and sinful desires that bring her to Father Bell, feverishly awakening a hunger burning deep inside him.
And boy is Father Bell one filthy priest!  Told mostly from his point of view, Tyler is a guy who turned to God later in life after a horrible tragedy changed him forever.  Prior to his conversion, he’d already had plenty of non-vanilla experience with woman, which I found to be very interesting as opposed to a man who’s never really enjoyed the carnal sins of the flesh.  He wants to be good.  He wants to make a difference in his parish.  And he whole-heartedly believes in God, even though he has every reason not to.  But all of his sacred oaths are challenged the day Poppy steps into his booth for confession.
This story doesn’t just flirt with the forbidden, instead it dances directly with the Devil Himself.  In fact you have to wonder…every time Father Bell feels as if he’s basking in the glory of God, is it really just the age old trickster himself, whispering lies to sooth a guilty soul?
No holy ground, relic or ancient oil is spared from their indiscretions, and I loved every second of it!  Poppy and Tyler’s chemistry is instant and beautifully written.  The characters are rich and full of angst, love and compassion.  They are both flawed and can be brought to tears.  They are real and sexy and hell!
Life isn’t always about conquering a boardroom, mastering the markets, dodging bullets and private jets.  Sometimes it’s about finding moral peace inside yourself.  It’s about finding the strength to make the right decisions no matter how hard or impossible they may seem.
Is this book a little blasphemous and sacrilegious?  Maybe.  But I found it to be a page turning piece of heaven.

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